I Need To Stop Reading Facebook Comments

WARNING: Please ignore any typos. I am currently writing this at 4 AM and I’m pretty angry. So I do this really stupid thing of reading Facebook comments. It’s stupid because it really shows me how ignorant people can be. Sometimes I try to ignore the ignorance, but sometimes I just can’t. Sadly, here was a time when I couldn’t ignore it. Here is the … Continue reading I Need To Stop Reading Facebook Comments

Feminist Anthems

Everyone knows feminist anthems like “Run the World” By Beyonce and “BO$$” by Fifth Harmony, especially since feminism has been rising in popularity within the last year. However, there are many feminists anthems that were created before they were even considered feminist anthems. Here are someĀ of my favorites. “Can’t Hold Us Down” By Christina Aguilera ft Lil KIm Photo Credit Back in her dirrty days, … Continue reading Feminist Anthems