I’m Feeling Myself

So can we all just take a second to appreciate the beauty that is the Feeling Myself video?? I basically died, came back to life, and died again because of how flawless this video was.


Now all I want to do is rock a one piece, knee high socks, and a fur coat. #lifegoals And then dance in front of a car and completely slay life or chill out in Blue’s pool looking Flawless***.

feeling myself 2 blueWhen Bey and Nicki were chilling in the house and Nicki was practicing the flicka da wrist and twerking while Bey was taking selfies, I basically couldn’t breathe. Also I need to learn how to twerk that low.nicki twerking

Bottom line is, Nicki or Bey, if you’re ever looking for a third girl to join your crew hmu. I can be flawless too while twerking and wearing a one piece or two sport bras.

Beyonce-Nicki-Minaj-Feeling-Myself-3-640x358  feeling myselff

Again life goals, swag goals, twerk goals, clothing goals

bey and nicki

Also check out this group post I contributed on Blavity about Feeling Myself. See if you can guess which ones I wrote. 😉


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