OOTD 3.21.15






Hey guys! So this OOTD was pretty simple but still cute. This was during spring break for me and that day I decided to get my hair done, so I need something comfortable. I chose my floral dress from American Eagle with tights because it was still chilly around that time. I paired it with my denim shirt and Doc Martens. It was very comfy and functional for sitting down for 6 hours to do my hair.



As for the hair, I decided to try something new and get Senegalese Twists.I wanted to make sure my twists were a cool color, but because of time constraints I had to dye it myself. I originally wanted it to be a darker blue all over my head but because I ran out of hair I decided to do half blue and the other half black. I was in love with it after, and so glad I did half and half.  Even though I no longer have them, they were amazing to have. They were no hassle at all and saved me a lot of time in the morning when I was running late for class. Instead of having to worry about what my hair looked like, I could just leave it out or put it up and it would look good no matter what. I most definitely plan on getting Senegalese Twists in the future.



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