OOTD 3.8.15

Yesterday, I had to do a photo shoot for this event called Africa Night at Harvard. I am one of the Faces of Africa, which are usually just a group of students representing their country of origin in Africa. This year they decided to include the diaspora, so I was chosen to represent a country in the Caribbean. I decided to represent both the Dominican Republic and Barbados.

As a Face of Africa, we had to do a photo shoot and the lovely photographer asked us to wear any native clothing we had or the colors of our flags. Unfortunately, I don’t own any native clothing of either country so I wore the colors of either country. The Bajan flag is dark blue and yellow and the Dominican flag is red, white, and blue. Because I dislike the color yellow and own nothing in yellow, I borrowed this beautiful blazer from my friend and paired it with my dark blue skirt, incorporating the Bajan flag. To incorporate the Dominican flag, I wore the white tank top and red lipstick. This photo shoot was very fun and I can’t wait to continue doing things as a Face of Africa.



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