OOTD 3.2.15 

Hey guys,

So I realized doing an OOTD is more feasible than doing one for the whole week. So I’m going back to doing it daily. So sorry for the inconsistency! Now, on to the OOTD.

So today I had the hardest time figuring out what to wear. I tend to try and wear all my clothes in new and different ways, but I realized that a lot of my clothes are dated or they don’t fit. (That freshman fifteen is real!) So, I will be going shopping really soon, hopefully. Anyways, I decided to wear this sweatshirt from the Loft with some ripped American Eagle jeans. To control my hair, I put on a beanie from American Eagle. My Doc Martens seemed perfect for the outfit and for the snow outside. Gold accessories are my fave, so I wore gold earrings and my Forever 21 gold chain. I kept my scarf on throughout the day because it is cold.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! If you have any suggestions for how I can remix any of my clothes, feel free to comment them or email them to me at brassyclassysassy@gmail.com. I am generally open to new ideas!




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