The Best and Worst Looks of the Golden Globes

So the Golden Gloves were this past weeked, and of course we had some stars looking glamorous and other stars looking not so glamorous. Here are my fave and least fave looks from last night.

Favorite Looks
Emma Stone


First and foremost, EMMA STONE CAN DO NO WRONG. But actually. Her outfits are always perfect, she’s hilarious, and she’s dating Andrew Garfield. I’m really loving this obsession with jumpsuits lately. I really love the twist Emma added to hers with the bow. Makeup, hair, and accessories are perfect.

Kate Hudson


I’m really loving this dress. I think Hudson is killing it. However, I am not sold with her makeup, hair, and accessories.

Rosamund Pike

rosamund pike

I know some of you are going to be like “What the hell?!?! That dress is so ill-fitting!” See the thing is the dress isn’t ill-fitting. Like I totally understand that it looks that way, but the reality is that’s her body. She’s not this extremely slender girl that we are all used to saying. Like let the girl live. The only thing I will say is that I would have preferred the dress in another color that pops, like blue or green, or that she had worn a dark burgundy lip.

Amal Clooney

amal clooney

Loving this! It’s so classic and elegant. I see Mrs. Clooney is killing it.

Viola Davis


Viola why you do this to me?! Stop looking flawless. #kthanxbye

Uzo Aduba


Ugh. Please. Stop. Being. Stunning.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Okay I absolutely hate the color yellow. I refuse to wear it! Then, why is Mrs. Tatum making me want to rock this dress. I am in love with dress, absolutely love it.

Jessica Chastain

jessica chastain

So much elegance. So much glam. No other words can be said.

Those Inbetweeners 

I had to make this category after I saw some looks I just wasn’t sure about.



Lorde, I loved absolutely everything until I saw the bottom of your pants. Honey your music is bomb and amazing, but you need to tailor those pants. I realize I am slightly biased towards more slender pants when it comes to pant suits and jumpsuits, but even if this was a wider leg it should not have been dragging on the floor.

Felicity Jones

felicity jones

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about this dress I don’t like. It makes her look so motherly.

Dakota Johnson

dakota johnson

Your hair looks the same as it looks in the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Please put it up or something. Do something! Pick a better show. I would have loved the dress a lot more if she had worn the proper accessories and had the proper makeup and hair.

Emily Blunt

emily blunt

This dress is way too plain. It’s bad enough that it’s white, but on top of that there is not intricate designs or anything. I would have at least liked this dress if it was a bright color, like yellow, red, blue, or green. It would have made more of a statement.

Anna Kendrick

anna kendrick

The hair is way too sleeked back. I would have liked some accessories, like a necklace or clutch.

Lupita N’yong

lupita nyong

Girl you’re fabulous, but this dress is not nice. I don’t like the frills alone the chest area. I do love the color combo. I think the purple is a great statement color.

Least Favorite Looks
Melissa McCarthy


Honey, please stop hiding underneath those clothes. Please, please, please! Like I said in my People’s Choice Awards post, I WANT TO SEE YOU KILL IT. This is not killing it. You got this honey!

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer we get it! You’re a hot mama. I understand that you want to flaunt what your mama gave you, but I’m getting tired of this deep v-neck. Please try something new. Jumpsuits are very popular right now. There are so many silhouettes that can flatter your body, but this deep v-neck needs to be retired for a bit. Also, we need to talk about this makeup and hair. Those eyes are way too dark for the dress. Those earrings and that hair are too much with dress. *sigh*

Kerry Washington


Olivia, you and I need to have a talk. What is going on here?!

Keira Knightley


Kiera, hun please stop.

Lena Dunham


Not even surprised. Maybe next year Lena.

Lana Del Rey

lana del rey

I didn’t know you were a part of the cast for The LIttle Mermaid. Please reevaluate your life choices.


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