OOTD 1/10/15

So today I went out to lunch with some classmates at S’MAC, this amazing mac ‘n’ cheese place. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of my max and cheese because I was too hungry and started eating the moment I got it. But I assure you it was D to the E, to the L I C I O U S.(props to whoever gets the reference)

Anyways it was also really cold today, only 19 degrees, and I really wanted to wear something warm but cute.  The sad thing was that I’m an idiot and left the majority of my warm sweaters at school. I had no idea what to wear so I looked to my Pinterest as a guide.  I used this outfit as inspiration.


Photo Credit

If I had all my clothing I would have done an all black jeans and top. I would have added my green chunky cardigan with spiked shoulders and my burgundy scarf. I would have probably used either my brown combat boots, black combat boots, or the ones I wore today.




But since I didn’t have that cardigan, I decided to switch it up a a bit, well a lot. Instead of the dark green jeans, I chose my American Eagle burgundy/plum ones. I didn’t just want to wear a black cardigan so I added my Nordstrom heart printed cardigan and a black sheer shirt from H&M. I wore my Steve Madden booties and burgundy infinity scarf to top it off. I added simple gold studs and my Michael Kors bracelet. I had freshly washed hair that I pulled back and pinned on one side. It was another day for some makeup so I did my standard winged eyeliner and burgundy/plum lipstick.

Hope you guys enjoy this OOTD! Like and comment to show your appreciation. *kisses*


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