OOTW 1/5-1/7

So I was pretty tired this week so I did not upload my OOTD so I’m making this OOTW instead. Technically, it’s only outfits for three days but you get the deal. I hope you guys enjoy!

Monday Jan 5th 






Monday the 5th was the start of my second week at my internship and boy was it a long day. Lawd bless my soul for getting through it. Anyways, onto the outfit. Last week I noticed the office was cold so I decided to bundle up and wore my new bluish grey Lou+Grey sweater my mom bought me. I paired it with plain ole’ blue jeans and Steve Madden knee high black boots. My biggest problem was finding jewelry for it. Most of my jewelry just so happens to be gold and I didn’t think gold would work with this sweater. So I chose to wear my Forever 21 silver pendant and plain fake diamond earrings. I was way too lazy to do anything special with my hair or to do any makeup.

Also peep the nails! 🙂

Tuesday Jan 6th





On Tuesday, the weather was absolutely perfect and when I say absolutely perfect I mean absolutely horrible. It had started to snow and it was freezing. The first thing I knew I was wearing was my red Sperry snow boots. They are absolutely perfect! They are warm, waterproof, and comfy. I’m pretty sure I mentioned this, but let me say it again; basically an 8th of my wardrobe is here with me in New York, so I need to be creative with these outfits. Due to limited clothing, I chose my American Eagle dark denim shirt but then realized I would either have to wear it with a pair of leggings or my khaki pants, so I chose my American Eagle khaki pants. The outfit seemed pretty bleh to me so I added my big silver and gold necklace from H&M. I went to work fresh-faced and with freshly washed hair.





Today I really decided to step up my fashion game. I went for the all black outfit today. #AllBlackErrthing #NinjaStatus Anyways, I wore this new leather top my mom bought me from the Loft. Like the leather dress I wore in my other OOTD, it was leather in the front and plain fabric in the back. (I have a thing for leather.) I paired it with black leggings to keep with the all black theme and my Steve Madden booties. To accessorize, I wore fake diamond studs and a grey and black floral necklace from the Loft. I went all out on my makeup, which basically means I wore eyeliner and lipstick. I also put my hair into a fohawk for the first time, which I think came out nicely.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Sorry for not posting anything these last two days. Also I want to note that I am trying to figure out better ways to take pictures for the OOTD, but it’s hard taking a picture of yourself when it’s not a selfie.


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