OOTD 12/27/2014

IMG_46181 IMG_46191            IMG_46211            IMG_46201

Today I had a dentist appointment, so it was time to ditch the pjs and put on real clothing. The only problem is that I brought less than half of my clothes back home with me. Therefore, I have to be really creative with the few items I have. My favorite items are my harem pants. God bless the person who invented them. They are a gift from the heavens above. I decided to wear my Forever 21 printed ones because they are fun, cute, and comfy. Sadly, I couldn’t find my favorite light grey t-shirt to go with this, so I just grabbed a white/beige tank and a black blazer from American Eagle. I really wanted to wear my tan heeled booties that look like this, but I left them back in Cambridge *cries* forcing me to settle with my brown Steve Madden combat boots. To accessorize, I added the American Eagle triangle necklace with fringe and slightly rusted American Eagle ring. I also wore my new Steve Madden crossbody. Hope you guys enjoyed the post and the outfit! Like it and follow me if you like what I have to say. You’ve been awarded with another hot man. trey songz


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