First Semester at College and New Year’s Resolutions

Warning: This is long but it’s worth it. :*

So exactly a week ago I finished my Freshman Fall. *proceeds to shmoney* Woohoo! It was definitely an interesting experience. I tried some new things, like dyeing my hair and economics(eww), and I learned a lot of things, like never to take economics and to manage my time a lot better. But, interestingly enough I don’t regret anything. Maybe it’s because I’m writing this at 5 AM but I’m glad I made the choices, both bad and good, this semester.

Brightly Colored Hair is the New Ombre

Definitely one of the best decisions I made was to dye my hair.I started the semester with a brown bob and blonde tips and ended with teal hair. I started dyeing my hair after senior year in June when I decided to dye my ends purple. Instead of turning purple, it came out blue. My original plan was to dye my hair purple and I had to stick to it. So after about a month or two I decided to cut my hair into a sleek bob.  Unfortunately due to unforeseen obstacles AKA my parents, I couldn’t dye my hair yet. But, of course that didn’t stop me so a week after I got to college I dyed it purple. Even though I love the purple, I had to experiment more so I dyed it teal right before Thanksgiving. I’ve had the teal hair for a month and I’m already searching for another one. So who knows what color hair I will have next year.

10348467_691414814272627_6893479423744629344_n10322434_687406008006841_4590277515553184717_nIMG_7081 1897760_745834872163954_9068660451675046329_n

From Caviar to Cardboard


Now onto one of the worst decisions I made this year: spending so much money. The majority of my money this semester went towards food and I have a good reason. The Berg, short for Annenberg, which is the freshman dining hall, is horrible. I cannot tell a lie. The food is badddddd, especially when I used to home cook all my meals, hence the “From Caviar to Cardboard”. To cope with this cardboard, I started buying food and a lot of it. Even though my stomach rejoiced, my bank account proceeded to weep. So I did what any responsible 18-year-old would do; I complained to my parents who sent me huge care packages(see below). Thank the Lawd. (No I don’t mean Lord. I mean Lawd.) I did also do the responsible thing and get a job. So now I got my own income plus parents income. #blessed


But Why Did I Think I Was An Economist?! 

I had promised myself in high school that I would try new things in college. Sadly, I kept that promise. One of the “new things” I decided to try was microeconomics or what we Harvardians call Ec10. *groans* I honestly have no words for my experience so I will simply use a picture to explain how I felt.

photo (9)

Oh the Many Beautiful Sunrises I Saw

In high school I rarely if ever pulled an actual all-nighter. The latest I ever went to bed was 4 AM, which seems early compared to the times I go to sleep at now. *sigh* However, that all changed when college attacked. In total, this semester I pulled at least 5 or 6 all nighters. I learned two things from this. One, I can write a decent paper in a night. Two,  I do not want to interact with humans after an all-nighter.

all nighter

So I learned quite a few things this semester so I decided to create some New Year’s Resolutions for myself

To Me From Me 

  1. No procrastination. None. Okay maybe a little…
  2. Meet more people. Make more friends. Just bribe them with baked goods.
  3. Don’t spend anymore money. Save it and then spend it all on clothes.
  4. Go the gym. No more love handles!
  5. Read more books…okay at least make an attempt. Making lists count too.
  6. Try new things but not too many new things at the same time.
  7. Be more daring and adventurous. Get those piercings and tattoos!
  8. ENJOY COLLEGE!! There’s actually only 7 semesters left before you have to enter the real world(eww) so enjoy it.
  9. Keep twerking. You’ll get it eventually.

To end this post I decided to add some pictures showing the highlights of my Freshman Fall. I met some of the greatest people this semester and I know I’ll keep meeting more.


Me and the roomies right before Convocation


Me and the “real roomies”


A necessary decoration by the room door

10436168_700355153378593_2773511471128285318_n (1)

Another necessary decoration on the room door 




My photo shoot for Harvard’s fashion magazine 


Brown at Brown University


Day 19 of #ThisIsWhatALatinxLooksLike

What is something some people don’t always understand about your identity?


Fuerza Latina Latinx Heritage Month Dinner


Halloween with the fav 

1234393_741401372607304_7727353320396664727_n  1908168_741386162608825_5302792472197020262_n

Bday Celebrations with Squadd 


Harvard-Yale Weekend with the lovelies

10689691_752183111529130_5464804298861630758_n  10866201_10205514156003722_3526941356037985918_o

ABHW/BMF Cocktail 


Spending Time with the Besties back home

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