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Hi! My name is Gabi! I’m currently a junior at Harvard University studying African American Studies and Women’s Studies. Even though I spend most of my time in Cambridge, I hail from the glorious streets of the Bronx, New York and hope to move back after college. When I’m not eating or sleeping, I can probably be found dancing to dancehall, online  shopping, or reading.

I created this blog to share my love for fashion and social issues. From outfits of the day(OOTD) to article about race and feminism, this blog will have it all. I just wanted a place where I could write all my opinions and thoughts that I oftentimes keep to myself or purely speak about in an academic setting.  I named it the La Reina Negra, which translates roughly to Black Queen, to reflect my identity as a proud Afro-Latina. As I continue to grow, so will this blog. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

Feel free to check out my social media accounts and email me!

Email: lareinanegraa@gmail.com

Instagram: @lareinanegraa

Check out some of my writing: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog! If you ever want to write about being a “teen” for the More Than Just a Girl blog your voice would be a fantastic addition. There’s no pay involved, it’s just part of my life-work supporting girls and young women.

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